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Meeting Room Rentals

Meeting Room Rental Policy
LAKE ELMO Community Room in the 3880 City Center Building and Meeting Room “old council chambers” 
in the 3800 Building.

1. To the extent the Community Room in the City Center and Meeting Room in the 3800 Building may be unoccupied, the City will make such rooms available for use by the public. However, in all situations non-city meetings shall always remain subordinate to the use of any and all spaces required for use by the City Council, its Commissions, Subcommittees or use by City staff.

2. The rooms are intended for regional civic/non-profit groups whose efforts directly affect the welfare of betterment of the city of Lake Elmo. The rooms may NOT be utilized by firms, commercial activities, for religious groups, individuals/organizations that are “for-profit” in nature, for sales of goods or services, or for private celebrations or parties.

3. Any party wishing to utilize the Community Room or Meeting Room for a meeting shall first contact and coordinate with the Deputy City Clerk to discuss availability and permissions not less than 24 hours in advance of the proposed meeting to determine availability. Unless special arrangements are pre-approved by the Deputy City Clerk no meetings may begin prior to 8:00 am and shall cease, with all participants leaving the City Hall by 9:00 pm.

4. At no time may any meetings interfere with the business to be carried out by the City and as determined solely by the City. Should this occur, the City may terminate the use of a meeting room by an outside party immediately and for any reason.

5. Food or refreshments may be brought in, but the group is solely responsible for clean- up of all materials and dispose of any garbage or recyclables including their removal from the building. No food or refreshments may be brought in that could disturb the proper functioning of the City.

6. The City does not provide any coffee makers, cups, dishes, utensils, phones or computers/tablets, cords, printing, copying, etc. for use; each group must supply all their own materials. Any and all items in the closets, hallways, cupboards, drawers, or refrigerator belong to the City. These items are not available for public use and cannot leave the building.

7. Any chairs, tables, podiums and remotes that are moved shall be relocated to their original position prior to the party’s use.

8. The Individual/group will be held liable for damages should any occur as a result of their use. Failure to comply with facility use rules may result in suspension of future facility use privileges.

Rental Policy Facility use rules.
1. The applicant must be at least 18 years of age.
2. The applicant must complete and sign the application form provided by the City in order to request a facility reservation. Reservations must be approved by the City Clerk or Deputy City Clerk.
3. The applicant agrees to use the facility at their own risk and hold the City harmless.
4. Facilities cannot be reserved more than one year in advance.
5. For reservations outside normal business hours (Monday through Thursday, 8:00 a.m. through 4:30 p.m., and Fridays 8:00 a.m. through noon), a keycard/key will be issued allowing entrance to the building. It is the facility user’s responsibility to pick up and return this keycard/key. The facility user will have to monitor the entrance to allow individuals access to the building. Doors cannot be blocked open or left unsupervised.
6. Alcoholic beverages, tobacco, and THC products are prohibited in city buildings and on city grounds.
7. Animals are prohibited, with the exception of trained service dogs recognized by the ADA.
8. No outside equipment shall be brought into the facility without prior approval.
9. No equipment or electronics shall be used without being requested on the application.
10. No furniture or equipment may be removed from the building.
11. The facility must be returned to its original condition following an event. Any cost incurred by the City to return the facility to its original condition will be billed to the facility user. Damage or cleanliness issues discovered prior to using the facility must be reported to the Deputy Clerk during regular business hours or by voicemail at (651) 747-3904 after hours.
12. Keycards/keys must be dropped in the envelope depository drop box at the 3880 City Center Building immediately following the event.
13. Maximum capacity of the Community room is 40 people.

Click here for a copy of this policy.

Click here for the rental form.

Please return form and submit fees/deposit to the Deputy City Clerk. Reservations will not be honored until all items have been submitted and approved.