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Storm Water

Storm water run-off is the rain and melting snow that flows off streets, rooftops, lawns and farmland. The flowing water can carry salt, sand, soil, pesticides, fertilizers, leaves, grass clippings, oil, litter and many other pollutants.
Stormwater management is the control and use of storm- water runoff. It includes planning for runoff, maintaining stormwater systems, and regulating the collection, storage, and movement of stormwater. Stormwater management is incorporated into the designs of city projects and land developments.
In developing areas, storm water run-off is collected through a network of swales and ditches (often located in back yards), and storm sewer pipes (often located beneath streets and parking lots), and is conveyed to a system of storm water treatment practices prior to allowing the runoff to discharge to natural lakes, wetlands and streams. Storm water treatment is often provided through the implementation of infiltration/filtration basins, storm water retention ponds, sump manholes, rain gardens, and others. The storm drainage system allows Lake Elmo to manage its runoff to protect natural resources as well as prevent flooding.



Under the federal Clean Water Act, cities must implement management practices to reduce the risk of pollution entering waterbodies through a stormwater system. The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency oversees and administers a permit program on behalf of the US Environmental Protection Agency that regulates these management practices to ensure that federal and state requirements are being met. The City’s Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program (SWPPP) lays out the management practices the City employs to address pollution within its stormwater system and to meet regulatory requirements.
Public Comments Accepted
The City accepts public comments on the city’s SWPP throughout the year.  To do so, please contact Marty Powers at  Comments received will be considered as part of the annual program review.



Lake Elmo has adopted design standards and promotes Storm Water Reuse Irrigation. Outdoor Stormwater Reuse for Irrigation is allowed when in compliance with state and watershed regulations and in accordance with the City of Lake Elmo Stormwater Reuse Design Standards, Specifications and Details.



The City of Lake Elmo is part of the East Metro Water Resource Education Program (EMWREP) which is a partnership of local units of government to with the goal of providing education about issues affecting local lakes, rivers, streams and wetlands to improve the health of our water resources.  Learn More About How You Can Help:
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